Restore your Healthy Lifestyle with Cleanroom Grade Air. Bringing Our 35+ Years of Expertise in Cleanroom to You
Hospital Grade Air
Designed by Filtr. Made in the USA
Indoor Cultivation air monitoring
Revolution air purifier by Filtr

Everyone has Gimmick
Not Everyone has Science

A Room Air Purifier removing particles down
to 0.01µm to bring you cleanroom grade air

Medical Grade & Industrial Air Purifier: Revolution

E.P.A (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
Recommendation For Air Changes In Any Space:
5 Air Changes Per Hour
  The Revolution delivers up to:
+ 700 CFM of Air
+ Accommodates up to a 1,000 sq.ft. space
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Remove Worry, Put on HOPE!

Highest Level of Comfort,
Protection, and Reliability in One Package

Hope 220 - Disposable Respirator

The average person breathes
2,500 - 3,000 gallons of air per day.
Much of that air is filled with pollen, viruses,
bacteria, pollution and so much more.
  The Hope 220 - Disposable Respirator features:
+ For all-day and extended use.
+ Elongated bar for a custom fit for all faces.
+ Dual protection for both the air you inhale and
Hope 220 Disposable Respirator