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Air Purifier: Revolution featured for the second time on Univision PR with Jugando Pelota Dura
One of our worldwide partners, Luis Baez from ISPV, Inc., was invited on Univision Puerto Rico a 2nd time to showcase FILTR's industrial air purifier: Revolution. It eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold spores and many other airborne micro-particles. Revolution has the same HEPA filter technology used in top pharmaceutical companies' cleanrooms that manufacture our medication and drugs to safeguard our health. Revolution is a modular air purifier, boasting features such as: an industrial-grade carbon filter, sensor package, phone app connection, and bi-polar ionization. Coupled with its robust features is its high, quiet-performing fan. This room air purifier is one of the top performing units on the market.


Learn more by watching out featured video on Univision PR: