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Lighthouse and Filtr In The News as The First Company in State to Produce NIOSH Approved N95 Masks!

Several days before Christmas, many news media outlets including the Associated Press, KTVL, Mail Tribune, Tulsa World and MSN (just to name a few) announced the great accomplishment of Lighthouse and Filtr for becoming the first company in the state of Oregon to manufacture N95 mask and to pass the certification for NIOSH approval.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions was founded in 1982. Filtr is a subsidiary of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions.

Filtr and Lighthouse successfully completed the rigorous process of obtaining NIOSH approval from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

According to one of the articles published by KTVL, Adam Crawford, the external relations director for the state's department expressed, “We as a state of Oregonhave been in the process of buying a bunch of personal protection equipment (PPE) to help folks stay safe during the middle of the pandemic, and one of the big problems we faced is we are also competing with every other state in the country to purchase this PPE.” 

According to Crawford, the masks the state orders will be distributed to counties across the state which need the protective equipment. 

At Filtr, we are proud to manufacture and deliver products that protect people's health and safety. We are ramping up our production to comply with the demand all across the nation!

Click below to read more about this article and watch the News Video.