ABOUT FILTR by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions was founded in 1982. We are the world’s leading supplier of real time contamination monitoring systems and airborne, liquid and gas particle counters. The company has leveraged its superior software design, data integration ability and worldwide support offices to provide its customers with leading edge contamination monitoring solutions. These solutions have allowed Lighthouse’s customers to maintain high product yields through continuously monitoring conditions that may have an adverse effect on their products. The Lighthouse Monitoring System and Lighthouse line of airborne particle counters have become the standard for many companies, such as Amgen, Genentech, Baxter, Pfizer, Bayer, Novo Nordisk, SpaceX, Tesla, Seagate, TSMC, Samsung, Lockheed Martin, Microchip, Medtronic, 3M, Boston Scientific and many more.

Having more than 35 years of expertise and innovation in cleanroom monitoring, we want to bring our expertise to your home and business space. Filtr by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is dedicated to help you detect any threats in the air around you and protect your business, family and personal health.

We have offices around the world ready to serve your need to better and improve the air around you from smoke, viruses/bacteria/mold, pollutions, allergies and other nanoparticles that are detrimental to your health and product yield.