What Smoke?

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Remove Smoke

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Remove Nanoparticles

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Remove Chemicals

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Revolution Air Purifier

What am I breathing?

Filter Blocking Particles
Standard Air Conditioner Filter
Don’t provide enough protection

The Effects of Wildfire

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Is it Harmful?

Particulate Matter and it's Impact on your Health

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Renew Your Air

Cleanroom Grade

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Hepa Filter
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Activated Carbon Filter

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Carbon Filter
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Removes V.O.C. (Volatile
Organic Compounds)

Anti-Microbial &
Washable Filter

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Removes Large

Protecting You, Your Air,
And The People Around You.

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Filtr Networking Diagram

+ On-board sensors are constantly
  monitoring your space and sending
  data to the cloud to keep you
  informed of the air quality.

+ Our FILTR App allows you to record
  historical data of the air quality you
  are breathing, so you don't have to